Blog Challenge #4 - Motivation and Habit

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blogging challenge number 4 from Kath is on.  Its the start of week 5 and by now a lot of the hype about the 12wbt has worn off and so too has the motivation that hangs off that hype. So this week we're reflecting on who we were and who we now are.

1. Describe in 25 works or less the you that you were before 12wbt.
I was overweight (who am I kidding - obese), tired, grumpy and not the person that I wanted to be or a good role model for my kids.

2. Now - who are you now?
I've turned into an exercise junkie. I've got more energy and I'm showing my kids that an actively lifestyle can be fun. I'm a half-marathon runner and soon to be triathlete.

3.  What has been the hardest thing to make habit THIS ROUND?
This is a hard one, and I can't think of an answer.  Maybe its because its my second round and I've been doing this for long enough for it to have sunk in but not long enough for me to have become complacent.  Ask me next round and I can guarantee you that my answer will be different.

4.  What has been easier to make habit than you thought it would be?
In one word - exercise. Its become a lifestyle not a chore.

5.  How has your body changed THIS ROUND?  I'm starting to see muscle definition.
My weight loss has slowed (as expected) but my measurements are still decreasing and more and more muscle is making itself seen.

6.  How has your mindset changed this round?
I'm no longer focused on the numbers of the scales. I don't care if I don't get to my "goal" weight. I just want to be fit and healthy and my lifestyle choices will reflect this.

7.  Finish this sentence "I now know I am strong because ..."
I now know I am strong because

8.  Finish this sentence "I am proudest of ..."
I am proudest of the fact that I have stuck to the program, I've seen the results, I've felt the change and I'm not going back.

9. Finish this sentence "In 8 more weeks you will see me ..."
In 8 more weeks you will see me kicking my heels up and glowing, while enjoying all that summer has to offer.

10. What word applies to you now - that you never would have used before 12wbt?


Anonymous,  October 10, 2011 at 2:23 PM  

Fit, NICE one Kym... love it.
All your responses are great... I too started all of this to inspire my children, they really are the best motivator :)

Goodluck and look forward to reading more of your journey & seeing you at the after's party.

Bek x

Liz N October 13, 2011 at 2:22 PM  

Love reading all these "finding the joy" posts!

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