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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

After finishing my first round of the 12wbt I decided to jump back on the train for my second round straight away.  There's no point in having an "off-season" and undo the good work I've done.  Bad habits are so hard to break but are so easy to re-establish so I don't want them to come creeping back in the door.

After attending my first group session on Sunday as mini milestone in addition to my major milestone I decided that I am fit enough to give Lean and Fit a good run for its' money.  I know its not going to be easy but I need to step up to the challenge.  There's no point in staying in my comfort zone.

I can now do some full push ups.  OK so the forms not perfect but you've got to start somewhere.  I'm also starting to get some more strength in my arms.  Lifting sandbags over and over and over again proved that!

I've now completed my first two L&F workouts.  I did the week one cardio from last round two nights ago and killed a huge 630 calories in just over an hour!  I also know where most of them died - it was on the dreadmill doing rolling intervals.  I was able to do the speed interval at moderate joggers pace (9 - 12kph) but on the hill I couldn't get above 8 even though I could hit the 9% at that speed.  After the first interval I then dropped back to the beginner jogger pace to finish off the intervals.  I was absolutely knackered!

Today I'm planning my attack on my first strength session.  I know all of the exercises so that's not a problem, it the increase in weight and reps that are going to test me.  Add to that the fact that I've got DOMS in my abs.  Mind you I'm still shocked that there is some muscle down there to have any pain.

Now I've got to starting thinking about my goals for this round ....


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