Oh, Why Hello There ....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Please excuse me for this really self indulgent post but I just can't help myself.  After 14 weeks of bloody hard work  I've lost 12.1kg so I'm going to take it as my right for some self indulgence.  There's been blood, lots of sweat and a few tears along the way and I'm not ready to stop just yet.

It hit me the other day while I was at DJ's getting fitted for a new bra.  I'll start with the down side of that experience - the girls have deflated from a 16D/DD to a very full 14C.  While I was standing in the change room awaiting the return of the fitter I caught a glimpse of my back.  The sight actually shocked and pleased me at the same time.  I couldn't believe that it was my back.  Gone is the protruding back fat, gone is the folds near my waist and in its place I can start to see definition and muscle. While obviously I'm not anything like the picture on the right (especially my arm) I am on my way.

Today at the gym I couldn't stop looking at my shoulders and back in the mirror while a worked out.  I kept grinning and talking to myself with phrases like "Why hello there". I'm thinking that some of my fellow gym goers must think that I'm a little bit nuts.  I'm absolutely loving the transformation that is taking place in front of my eyes.  My swimmer's shoulders from years ago are starting to take form and my collarbone now pokes through while doing certain lifts.

Another thing I've noticed over the last couple of days is the other areas that I'm losing fat.  How I wish I could just wave a wand and tell my body to remove all the excess fat from my gut first, but alas I can not.  I've now got skinny toes!  I never even realised I had fat toes until I noticed that I now have visible gaps between most of my toes.  My fingers are less chubby too and I'm going to have to do something to keep my rings on my fingers.  I wonder if I can get my DH to agree to get me an eternity ring to help with that?  OK now I am DREAMING.


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