Here comes week 11.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's hard for me to believe but there 12wbt is entering the eve of the start of week 11!  Up until this last week I've exercised 6 days a week, every week, rain hail or shine.  I've increased my running distance from 8km to 17km.  I've had a few fights with my inner Labrador and I'm getting better and winning.  I'm learning to stand my ground.

I'm currently having a little issue with the concept that "My Body is Perfect".  It is true that it does what it is told.  If I feed it crap and too many calories I'll store excess fat.  If I eat lean and train mean then I'll shed that excess fat.  That part I've got now worries with.  I'm just a little pissed off at my body's timing on getting this cold.  This time next week I will be relaxing after completing my first half marathon.  I'm meant to be training, and even though the last week was a recovery week it wasn't meant to be a no training at all week.  I WILL be going for a walk today to see if I can manage to do something without hacking up a lung - wish me luck!

Week 10's topic was all about "No More Self Sabotage".  For me the topic has come about at exactly the right time.  This week I made my 12wbt goal weight loss and while its not where I'm going to settle after watching the video I could see how I could so easily have gone about screwing up and where I have done exactly that in the past.  In the same few minutes it also dawned on me that I haven't been seeing the 12wbt as a diet and exercise program but actually as a lifestyle change, and its a change that I am ENJOYING.  Its taken almost a week on inactivity to show how much I'm enjoying exercising.  Don't get me wrong, I'd already worked out that I love going for my runs but not doing any exercise this week felt like a chore.

My dress arrived for the finale party this week too and I'm a little bit concerned.  It currently fits but I've got a sneaking feeling that it may actually be too big come the 20th August.  I do have a couple of back up plans in the wardrobe.  If the next dress in line is too big than it means that the second back up should then fit me.

This coming week is about "Saying Goodbye to your Inner Teenager".  I can see where this topic is heading but at the moment I'm actually getting closer to saying hello to my inner teenager.  I've got about another 4kg to go but once I lose them I'll be at a similar weight that I was in my late teenage years.  Now that's a pretty good place to be after 2 kids!


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