Sunday, July 3, 2011

I stayed true to my word and ran in the Gold Cost Marathon 10km.  It was a little bit of a rev up from my DH that started in March with him trying to con me into doing it.  I agreed that if I managed to complete the Mother's Day Classic 8km that I do the 10 at the Gold Coast with him.

Obviously by race day I wasn't worried about finishing 10km. After all I'd pushed out 13.5km a couple of weeks ago (all be it rather slow). My main goal was to finish it in under 1:15. My previous BP around home for 10km was 1:17:30 and that involved a few hills.

I've attached a copy of the route the 10km followed and as you can see it's pretty flat.  The lack of hills definitely helped me in smashing my goal but there was a head wind over the last 3km that made it hurt a little. I'm obviously not any good a picking a "race line" in between weaving in and out of other runner either.  According to my watch I ran a total of 10.28km so I probably added about an extra couple of minutes onto my time.  My official nett pace was 7:02min/km, or 6:51min/km when you include my poor line additional meters.  This gave me a nett finishing time of 1:10:28.  I also managed to crack a BP for my 5km of 34:11.

All in all on Saturday my DH and I would have travelled about 25km by foot.  I still don't know how people can complete a half marathon (or greater) as my feet have had enough for this weekend.  Even though I've pulled up really well I'm planning on taking it easy tomorrow with a light stretching session before contemplating an interval session on Tuesday.

Now I have to decide what run to do next .....


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