The downside to shrinking

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Before you ask, yes there are some downsides to shrinking.  Its not that I'm not happy with shrinking, in fact its quite the opposite.  I'm proud of my efforts and I'm estatic to see that its paying off both on the scales and in centermeters.

The first downside is the amount this is going to cost me.  However there is an upside to this one - I get to go shopping for new clothes and not feel bad about it!  When I started the 12wbt I was a 16/18 in the "big girls" clothes and if I was interested in a pair of pants or jeans in the normal range I would have been looking at a 20, so I just wouldn't look.  Anyway in the last week or so I've started buying a few new bits and piece because quite frankly I had too.  My jeans were falling off and even if I did wear a belt the bum in them was that baggy I could have been mistaken for a "homie".

Much to my surprise all of my purchases have been size 14 or M's.  Who would have thought that 7 weeks ago I'd be wearing a size 14.  I think I could happily leave the tag sticking out.  I don't think I've been a size 14 for about 10 years.

Now on to the second downside.  I'm looking for a solution in relation to my wedding and engagement rings.  My fingers have shrunk along with the rest of me and now I have to be careful not to shake my hands to wildly or that my girls don't grab my ring fingers or otherwise both rings will come flying off.  I tend to swell after training so then they are safe and secure but first thing in the morning is quite dangerous.  I don’t want to get them re-sized as if we decide to have a 3rd child I tend to retain water when pregnant.  In both of my last pregnancies I was wearing my rings around my neck. 

***I'll insert my little warning - if you're squeamish or eating then beware of TMI***
Lastly the weight loss, factored in with 2 pregnancies (one of which I put on 15kg of water weight in 8 weeks due to PE) have left my stomach a little worse for wear and I'm not just talking stretch marks.  I’ve got a bit of excess skin hanging around by the worst of it is occurring around my belly button.  The skin is over hanging where my belly button should be and its getting REALLY manky and gross.  I’ve even resorted to making sure its dried properly by blow drying it!  If I don’t do that it ends up starting to get red and infected looking.   I've tried baby powder but that doesn't work either.

It looks like I'm just going to grin and bear it at the moment and hope that some of my skin elasticity returns, but with the road map that written on my skin, I'm not banking on it.


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