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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm not one to follow the latest trends willy nilly.  I'm not up on the latest fashion styles but I'm not stuck in the 80's either (someone please let me know if I am!).  But I've been eyeing off the women at the gym and out running with their slogan singlets and designer exercise gear thinking that I'd like to have some gym gear like that.  I've never had the drive to enter a Lorna Jane store as I didn't want to be deflated by nothing fitting me but now that is no longer a problem.

Well thanks to a belated birthday present I'm now one of "them".  I am no longer a Lorna Jane virgin thanks to Helen.  The singlet that she gave me is pink with "Good, Great, Greater" on it and it's perfect.  It actually sums up my journey over the last few weeks quite well.  I loved wearing it to the gym this morning will I did my VO2 session followed by circuit.  The only problem is that without the arm covering I really need to remember a jumper for after my workout.

I've now got my eye on another two LJ singlets - "My Heart Loves to Run" and "Love to Run".  Which is so true to me.  My brain still has a little bit of a hiccup at the thought that I love to run. 

Today I'm off to buy myself a little present for losing 10kg.  I worked out a while ago that I'd like something to carry a few bits and pieces in while on my longer runs as the small back pocket on my pants just doesn't cut it.  My arms are also loaded to to this hill with my GPS receiver on my left and my iPod on the right.  While I can't remove my GPS receiver the iPod, and its associate arm band rubbing, can be removed.  After chasing down Helen for 15.5km last Saturday and eyeing off her spibelt I've decided that that's what I'm getting.

I'm also eyeing off running shirts with built in leggings too and I'm loving both of these.  Short legs for warmer weather and capri length for the colder but not freezing mornings.  Maybe I'll get myself a pair after I complete my next challenge....


Helen July 20, 2011 at 2:27 PM  

Pleasure was all mine - you deserve it!! How funny Kym, I was tossing up between the one I got you and the "Love to Run" one, So there!!! Keep running!!!

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