The price of health

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

While I sit here feeling like death warmed up it dawned on me that this is the first time this entire winter that I've been sick. Some would say its just plain good luck but I believe its due to the good nutrion and exercise that I've been following.  I've just pushed myself a little be hard over the last couple of weeks with my running.  I've increased my distance from 12km to 17km in the last month and my body has said its time for a break.

This got me to thinking about a comment that was passed around the other day.  Someone was saying that I must have spent a small fortune on all the "fitness mumbo jumbo" so I thought why not write it down.  Just a warning I think I'm going to end up sounding like a VISA commercial.  So hears the breakdown:

My "essentials":
  • 12wbt - $199
  • New shoes - $220
  • Gym membership (only 3 month cost not the whole year) - $95
  • Child minding at gym - $70
  • New training gear so I didn't have to wash every day - $100
  • Sub Total = $684
My "extras":
  • Run entry fees - $150
  • HRM - 150
Total - $984.

Ok on the surface it might seem expensive and I must admit that in the next month or two I will have to fork out for another pair of shoes and I've nearly killed my current ones with all of the running I've been doing.  Obviously you don't HAVE to have a heart rate monitor but it keeps me honest.  You don't need to enter fun runs or events but it gives me a goal to train for and keeps me focused.  Realistically you don't even have to join Mish's program but its obviously worked for me and got my head in the right space that I haven't been able to do by myself.

So what has all of the "expensive" given me apart from some sore muscles?  Its' helped me remove over 10kg of weight from my body.  It has increased my fitness.  Its' increased my energy levels.  Its' decreased my risk factor for diabetes and numerous other weight related diseases.  All of which are truely priceless (ok I warned you about the VISA add).  You can't really put a figure on your health but the money that I've spent over the last 10 weeks has been worth every single cent.


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