Will you listen to her?

Monday, July 11, 2011

There she is again, popping up, trying to get through, but will you let her? The answer for most of us in this high paced stress filled world is no.  But if you ignore her long enough she WILL get through to you, she'll break you just so you stop and listen.  She doesn't understand numbers, be they what is flashing before you on the scales, the size of your jeans, she holds no weight.  She understands but one thing - FREEDOM.

For those that have attended a Stand Your Ground Workshop you will most likely understand the tears that started, and still are flowing down my checks from typing that first paragraph.  The effect the course had on me is still hard to explain and as the soreness in my back and arms from the fight sessions slowly drains away more and more awareness about the impact of the session is sinking in. 

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I'll do my best to explain what I've gain and understood from the course so far but my experience will be different from everyone else that was there.  Each of us was there for our own unique reason and had our own lessons to learn.

So who was I talking about in that first paragraph you may ask.   She (or he) is your true self, your inner woman, the innate being.  The one that hasn't been manipulated by what society wants us to project.  She bases everything on feeling, not thinking and her one want is freedom.  She knows what is right and wrong but you may not always like the answer.

Every choice you've made to date has gotten you to where you are but what isn't plain on the surface is that for every time you've said yes to one thing, you've said no to something else.  For example when you choose to eat that snack you saying yes to the instant gratification but no towards eating what your body needs.

The fight training sequence also made it so clear to me the difference between being just turning up and training and actually being present.  We can all turn on robot mode and go through the motions.  Run on the treadmill staring at the TV, mindlessly repeating the same rhythmical movements or worse still sitting on the bike reading a book.  Or we can turn up and put on heart and soul into the training, screw what everyone else thinks of us as you train.  By training as a robot your state of mind hasn't shifted, it wasn't engaged with what you were doing, it doesn't understand the plan.

A comment that stuck with me was surrounding training be sacred.  It now makes sense to me why I enjoy getting out and running on the road.  Its not the fresh air, its the FREEDOM it gives me.  By turning off all the external distractions while I'm pounding the pavement it's all about my stride and breath.  It gives me a chance to just be me.  I don't care who's looking at me and what they are thinking, I'm no longer a wife, a mother, a daughter or a friend I'm just ME.  It gives me time to reconnect with ME and in those moments that you find "The Zone" the clarity is even greater.

All of this is still a work in progress, and I'm still processing the information but as I reach for the tissue box yet again I urge you that should you have the chance to attend a "Stand Your Ground" workshop, DO IT.

So my question to you is will you listen to her?


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