219 Days

Monday, August 8, 2011

On the first of January 2011 I took my first tentative steps into the world of running.   My very first session took me 22:32 to run 2.28km going in intervals of walking for 6 minutes and running for 1 minute.  At the time I didn't realise that I was so buggered after the running interval as I was going too fast.  I hadn't learnt about pacing myself at that stage.

After a set back with an injured foot in February, probably from over doing it, I took my newly found running obsession to Uluru (Ayer's Rock) with me and did a session around in resort at the beginning of March.  Running over the loose sandy soil was a new challenge as too was the extremely dry air. 

I completed my first 5km (well 5.27km) in 49:33 doing intervals of 5 minutes running and 1 minute walking on the 16th March .   I still hadn't worked out the pace thing yet but was getting a lot better.  It was not long after this that I started thinking about doing the 8km Mother's Day Classic.  By mid April my DH was pushing me to do the 10km Gold Coast Marathon.  I wouldn't give him an answer until I knew I could run 8km without stopping.

On the 26th of April I ran my first 8km just to make sure that I'd be able to finish the Mother's Day Classic.  It took me 1:07:55 but I did it and was now relaxed about the upcoming race.  With the help of my friend's and family I raised about $250 for Breast Cancer.  Most of my family couldn't believe that I was going to run 8km.  My cheeky brother broke his sponsorship up - $30 for signing up, $1 per kilometer finished, bonus of $12 for finishing in under 1:15 and the kicker, an extra $25 for finishing in under 60 minutes.  His money was never going to be in doubt for the kicker.

On the 8th May I ran the best run I could have imagined.  My average heart rate was 172 beats per minute and I finished in 1:03:12.  Have a look here for a full re-cap.  After finding my DH and kids after the finish line I announced that yes I would do the GC10km and one week later I complete my first 10km (ok 10.29 but who was counting) in 1:26:07.

Over the next few weeks I started building up a little further.  I did my first 11km and then for my mini milestone challenge I did 13.5km on the 19th of June in 1:47:07.  Next thing I know the Gold Coast 10km is here and I run a 1:10:27 knocking off 16 minutes in about 6 weeks.  Another link for the re-cap is here.

Fast forward to the 16th of July and I go on and 15+km training run with Helen for my mini milestone number 2 which I finish just shy of 2 hours.  Out of the blue she tells me that she's going to do the Brisbane Half Marathon in 3 weeks time and I tell her I'm crazy.  Next thing you know and I've signed up too!  Two weeks later I run 17.1km in 2:10 in preparation for the big one and then come crashing down in a heap with a cold.  Almost a whole week off without training and my goal becomes to finish the half even if it means walking part of it.

Come 4am on 7 August and I'm out of bed getting ready to run my first half marathon.  At 6am the starters gun goes off and I've started.  2:33:25 later and I pass through the finishing line having completed my very first half marathon.  I'll do a write up about the half in the coming days (hopefully with a couple of photos).

From 0 to 21.1km in 219 days.  If I can do it, you can too.


Helen August 8, 2011 at 10:09 PM  

Great journey Kym, you should be very proud of yourself!

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