Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 8, 2011

First and foremost Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there and I hope you got spoilt.

Now my Mother's Day didn't start with a sleep in or breakfast in bed.  It started at 6:30am by jumping out of bed, getting dressed in my running gear and heading off to South Bank for the Mother's Day Classic to participate in the 8km run.  My support crew (aka DH, DD1 and DD2) were meant to be dropping me off at the event but DD2 was ill last night and we thought that we should let her sleep, so I had to venture out on my own.

I'm rather proud of myself, and from today I can officially call myself a runner.  I ran all 8km (or according to my watch 8.2) of the course.  I stuck to my game plan and didn't bolt and the starting line and it paid off.  By the 4km mark I start reeling in all (well ok some) of the bolters that could run up the hill to Oriel Park.  At the 5km mark I looked down at my watch and it was 37min 35s.  I'd just smashed my BP for 5km by 3 minutes and I still had more left in the tank.

I nearly had a spill at around the 6.5km mark when another runner decided to change course rather quickly to grab a drink without thinking to check her shoulder first.  I'm now set out getting a new pair of trainers as I think that next to no grip can't be a good thing when running (or in my case slogging, also known as slow jogging) through the drinks station.

At the 7km mark there was a fellow runner who'd completed his run spurring us on with a big grin and words of encouragement.  Coming through the final 200m or so the 4.5km walkers had started and were all cheering for us as we came up to the finish line.  I thought I'd have enough in the tank to sprint the last bit but not this time around.  My unofficial time was 63minutes but I think it may be a tiny bit quicker.  At the end of it my average heart rate was 172 and I'd burnt 730 calories - not to bad.

To date I have currently raised just over $250 but if you do feel inclined to help out a great cause and help in finding a cure for Breast Cancer you can click here to go to my sponsorship page.  I can also receive cash donations too but these will take a little longer to process.  Just remember that every dollar gets us closer to beating breast cancer.

On a slight aside I am not going to go and get myself a new sports watch so DH can regain his.  I decided that if I ran the 8km in under 70 minutes that I would treat myself.  I'm going to get myself the Polar RS300X Black G1

Its got all the functionallity of DH current running watch apart from knowing the altitude (I think) but on the plus side it will calculate my calories burnt based on my heart rate, not distance travelled, and will work inside as just a HRM and timer.

I've also got a slight problem, those that read a previous blog about My Goals may realise that I just smashed one of my 1month in goals by running 5km in under 40minutes so now I'll have come up with a new one!


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