Testing My Commitment

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 12wbt hasn't even officially kicked off and I've already had my first test of my commitment to my goals. I'm happy to say I won with flying colours.

Last night was one of THOSE nights. Everyone reading this that has kids will know what I mean. The night started off well with DD2 falling asleep in the car on the way home from dinner at my Mother In-law's house. When I got home I set up Play School for DD1 and proceeded to put DD2 to bed. Play School finished and other than a few delaying attempts DD1 was asleep not long after 8pm. At 10pm DH and I head off to bed.

Just after 11 the baby monitor livens up with a little bit of noise and then the movement monitor goes off. DD2 has fallen out of bed (she's only been in the toddler bed for around 1 week) and is attempting to wake up her sister. I put her back in bed and lie down on the mattress on the floor and promptly fall asleep myself. I wake up just past 12 feeling a little stiff, and go back to my own bed.

1am and the sensor light goes on in the hallway and then the monitor goes off again. DD2 has left her room and is looking for me. She's wide awake so I take her back to her room and lie down on the king single bed with her and we both go back to sleep.

2am - DD1 wakes up to go to the toilet. She's wearing an all in one type of PJ's and needs help getting them undone in the dark. She waddles off and comes back complaining about the cold. I help her get dressed and she hops back into bed. Within a couple of minutes she has a coughing fit that ends in her vomiting all over the bed.

So DD1 gets taken off for a shower, while I semi strip her bed. Thankfully most of the vomit is over the connie sheet and a couple of toys so the clean up is easy. DD1 returns to bed, I tuck her in and then get back into bed with DD2.

3am - another coughing fit and another vomit. This one requires all of the sheets to be removed and another shower. This time DD1 goes to bed with DH.

5:30 - DD2 wakes up and I crawl out of bed. DH gets up and runs away to work.
6 - DD1 gets up.

Somehow after all of this I managed to get everyone up, dressed and make it to the gym for my circuit class followed by a little cardio. I felt so much more alive after it too.

All was looking good until the car ride home ..... Both girls have fallen asleep in the back of the car and its peaceful, until another coughing fit starts! All I can say is removing 2 car seats from a ute to clean up vomit is nearly as exhausting as a circuit class.

Both girls were asleep by 7, which is unheard of around here so fingers crossed tonight is more peaceful. No matter what happens tonight I WILL go for my run in the morning.


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