Pleasantly Surprised

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our household has been blessed with one very good eater in the form of DD2.  She will try almost anything, including a half squashed bug on the floor, and its not very often that she won't eat a meal that's served up for her.  The amount she can put away for breakfast alone is staggering.  Its not rare for her to eat 2 hi-bran weetbix, followed by a piece of toast and a small glass of milk and then tuck into my porridge too.  For the record this little machine will only be 18 months at the end of the month.

On the other hand we also have the other end of the spectrum with DD1 (3.5).  If it is white, full of sugar or can't be recognised in its natural state then she'll eat it.  Try and serve up something fresh and wholesome and more likely than not her nose will turn up and then a defiant "I don't like it" will shoot from her mouth.

With this being the case I was expecting DD1 to be going to bed rather hungry during the 12wbt.  The rule in our house is that if you don't eat dinner there's no desert (if its on offer) and there is no more snacking.  To my surprise on Monday afternoon as I was preparing the kids afternoon tea DD1 requested an apple.  I think my jaw nearly hit the ground.  I quite happily grab and slice up an apple and grin from ear to ear as she sits down and munches away.  Score 1 to good eating.

The first night of the dinner plan was a salmon stir-fry but as DH isn't keen on salmon I changed it over to chicken.  DD1 helps a little in the preparation, but I'm not hopeful of her eating anything as she turns her nose up at the capsicum and Asian greens.  Dinner is on the table and surprise, surprise DD1 sits down and announces "I don't like it".  After a little bit of reassurance that the meat is chicken she tentatively takes a lick.  She stops, looks at the piece of chicken and then bites it.  All of a sudden a very excited "I like it!" erupts from her.  Low and behold every bit of chicken is eaten off her plate.  Score 2 to good eating. If only I could get her to eat the vegies and it would be another point to good eating.

On a side note I can also let you know that our dog also enjoyed this meal.  My poor DH had to grab a steak on the way home as while I was getting the girls ready for bed Jessy decided to steal is dinner off the bench.  It looks like it was a meal the whole family can enjoy.


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