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Saturday, May 21, 2011

On Thursday the links on the 12wbt opened up to display our nutrition, menu and torture that we are to undertake starting from Monday.  The menu looks surprisingly tasty and I even think that my husband will happily eat most of the main meals.

I set myself up to do my online shopping only to discover that my trusty online shop, Food Direct, had closed down after around 11 years of service.  I was bummed to say the least.  I loved Food Direct for the freshness of the produce.  Sure their meat was usually more expensive but it was A1 quality and their other fresh produce got hand selected from the markets every morning.  Anyway I did my shop with Coles and was surprised to get a total including delivery of under $200 and that included some extras for the girls.

Friday night was my second attempt at Pump and at least today I do have some stiffness from it.  It looks like I have to get my bar positioning worked our for the squat track as I'm finding my arms are getting sore and I have trouble removing the bar at the end of the track but my legs need more weight.  So instead of having a wine on Friday night I killed another 400 calories.

When I got home I decided to do my fitness test, all apart from the 1km run.  Probably not the best idea after a pump class with fatigued muscles but I did it and will just have to try and replicated this next time.  My not so great results and initial weight is here

Today I had planned on doing my 10km run but as my husband returned a little too late to get in the hour and a half I decided to do my 1km time trial instead.  I'm rather pleased to say that I smashed it and there is no way I could have gone any harder as I ended up dry reaching at the end.  I ended up with a not so shabby time of 5:32.  It then took 1km of walking to recover from the loading I'd experienced myself too before I went for another 1.5km jog to get home.

Only 2 more sleeps to go until kick off and I can't wait!


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