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Sunday, May 22, 2011

You've probably heard it before but today I proved to myself that running is all in the mind.  Today everything seemed to be conspiring against me getting up and doing my run.  My internal battles and mind games started at 5:15am when DD2 came toddling up the hallway.  Being a Sunday it was too early to expect DH to put her back to bed so I scooped her up into our bed and got her back to sleep at around 6.  I had been planning to get up then but everytime I moved she stirred and with an eventful morning planned I didn't want a grumpy bubby on my hands.

Event 2 - Its been raining and my gear is still wet at 7.  We need to leave by 9 and my long run takes 1.5hrs so I decided not to wait for the dryer and do it this afternoon.

Event 3 - DH has to stop by work on the way home from our morning activities so running while the girls sleep goes out the window.

Event 4 - I've lost my favourite running shirt.  I've turned the house inside out and upside down and I can't find it.  I'm hoping its in the lost property (if they even have one) at the gym and will find out tomorrow.  OK so this one is just another internal excuse - but I grabbed some other gear to wear.

Event 5 - I discover my iPod is flat.  Stick it on the computer for enough charge to get me through my session.

Event 6 - 5 minutes before DH gets home from work DD2 decides to pee all over me.  OK yes it was my fault for not watching for her cues a little more closely while she was in undies but now my favourite running pants are soaked.  I pull out a pair of all pants that are more suited to yoga than running but its all that I have left that's dry.

Event 7 - The stupid blister block won't stay one my blisters properly.   They get reinforced with bandaids and I'm nearly ready to go.

So at 3:55 I finally get on my way and I just know that this isn't going to be easy.  I try to run through things to relax.  I try to focus on my breathing but nothing seems to work.  The first 700m passes relatively pain free and then the hill starts.  From somewhere I manage to run the entire length of Jackson Road without walking (even if my run was more of a waddle) and round the corner.

After a short respite on a down hill section the climb starts again.  I don't stop, I keep moving, I don't walk and sweat is running down my face.  Every muscle in my body wants to stop, my knees are starting to hurt (which is probably due to the 1km sprint yesterday) and I start remember a design of a T-shirt an online friend designed - "Sweat is fat cells crying" and I keep going.

Ming's Shirt - If you like it please vote for her here

I round the next corner and I want to stop but I keep going.  I can feel a blister on the un-taped up foot starting but now I'm about half way so I'll just finish what I started.  I'm feeling a little down about it all as by this stage last week I had hit "The Zone" and today I just can't get there.

I make it over the railway bridge without stopping even if I slow and round the next bend and start the next small climb.  I make it over the crest and pick up speed on the down hill run.  I pass the train station and the voice in my head is saying just stop, go over the train bridge and you'll be home in 3 minutes.  The other voice in my head (I can have a few going at anyone time!) is saying come on its ONLY another 2.5km.  Thankfully good prevails and I keep going.

I make it to the level crossing and the sun is starting to dip early today.  The sky has a slightly beautiful colour to it but I'm really not in the mood to admire it.  Everything is hurting, my breathing is rather laboured but I'm nearly home.  I round the second last bend, and I know my energy is nearly spent, I round the last bend and have 100m left and I can't pick up speed as usual but I make it to my driveway and hit the stop button and sigh with relief.

Now this is where it shows how much of running is mind set.  I found this run so frigging hard and I was sure it was really slow but it turns out it was only 10s slower than last week which over 10.29km is nothing.  My brain had set me up for it to be hard.  I then thought I'd look at my heart rate stats.
  • Last week - Max HR 179, Avg 170
  • This week - Max HR 174, Avg 164
So in the space of a week my fitness has improved a little and I've proven to myself that yes running IS all in the mind.


Vikki @ She Has Cute Shoes! October 1, 2011 at 11:03 AM  

Thanks for directing me to this post. It really is in the mind. Our body seems to know what to do but our mind is determined to get us to stop and just be couch potatoes.

My mind can't even fathom running that distance yet and, truthfully, not being bored out of my mind, but I'm pretty sure that will change. :)

Off to check out the rest of your blog!


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