Mental Shift

Friday, May 27, 2011

I've just finished watching the weekly mindset lesson for the challenge and in the peace and quite I've realised that I've already had a mental shift about exercise.  I guess on of the keys to my success in this program has been unlocked.

Now I don't think its come about just because of this program (sorry Mish) but its definitely helped hasten up its arrival.  As I've said before I started running in earnest back in February.  I immensely disliked (not quite hated) every single step I took but I kept going.   If I woke up and it was raining or I just didn't really feel like going or if the kids had had a bad night, I'd climb back under the covers.

Come to tonight and my brain was trying to work out when I'm going to go for my long run on the weekend.  What shuffling of kids needs to be done to work around DH's fishing trip. I then skipped forward until Monday trying to work our when I'll do my session as I've got an extra day of work and DH and I will be going our for dinner for our anniversary.  What a change.

Some strange part of me is also enjoying the stiffness I'm feeling in my shoulders after my Pump class.  Its letting me know that I gave the session are really good go.  I even realised that at the end of my session that the gap between my fingers and toes is already starting to decrease.  Little changes that are there to spur me on.

Then to top it all off DH even commented that my legs are looking slimmer!  All of the kilometer's are paying off.

Talking about kilometers run reminds me of this months log.  I keep track of my running on using the data from my running watch.  Since the beginning off this month I've run 70km and burnt 6,460cals.   Compare this to March where I notched up a grand total of 25.3km and I've still got another 2 runs totalling over 15km to go this month! 


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