Almost the end of week 1

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So its weigh in time tomorrow and I'm not really expecting have gotten very far. I think this first week was sabotaged from the get go. So far this week I've managed to have to out for dinner twice (family stuff), we had a breakfast on Sunday morning and on Sunday night my husband invited some friends over for pizza.

On top of that Sunday was St Valentine's Day and DH gave me chocolate. Now I shouldn't complain as he got me something and since my plans went out the window for him due to external circumstances I should be even more thankful but about three quarters of the 200g is now gone.

Its hasn't been all that bad. I've managed to almost totally cut out my Coca-Cola consumption. I usually have a can a day and I think I've had one can over the whole week. So tomorrow morning is D-day, fingers crossed for a little bit of a loss.


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