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Friday, February 19, 2010

So I've stayed true to my word and jumped on the fancy scales and I don't really like what I see.
Weight = 83.4kg
% Body Fat = 44.7
% Body Water = 39.6
Muscle = 43.8kg

So technically on the weight area it's great because I weighted myself after breakfast and a drink whereas yesterday it was straight after I got up and went to the loo.

From what I know I'm classed as being dehydrated. A healty body water percentage lies between 45 and 60%. Mind you since I've only had one glass of hot pear juice with water it was to be expected by the percentage of body fat is another matter.

My current BMI is 30.6. Any figure over 30 is considered to be obese which is something I have difficulaty coming to terms with. Add to this that my body fat percenage is so high it is time for a wake-up call. The dot points below give a range of body fat readings for a femal 20 - 39 years.

  • Under fat = less than 22%
  • Ideal = 22 - 33%
  • Over fat = 33 - 39%
  • Obese = greater than 39%
Doing a little bit of maths gives my a current mass break down of 43.8kg of muscle, 37.3kg of fat and 2.8kg of bone. Now my overall goal is to get to 60kg but first I'll work on getting to 70kg so if I plan on rehydrating and not losing bone or muscle mass then I should end up having 23.4kg of fat which is just over 33%.


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