Can this really be "diet" food

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm really enjoying most of the items on the menu for the 12wbt and my lunches are getting some comments when I get to work.  The soups are usually ignored as that fits into most peoples expectations of "diet" food but meals like the smoked salmon and caper open sandwich or Mexican Style Shephards Pie seem to get a second look and then a comment along the lines of "I thought you were on a diet".

I guess its hard to get peoples head around the fact that watching what you're eating doesn't mean that you have to be living on rabbit food.  To me this program is about re-teaching me that clean, healthy and unprocessed foods can be delicious and not depriving. 

I've been on an online group today talking about preservatives and it just dawned on me that in the last 4 weeks I haven't been looking at the labels of what I'm buying.  I got a little worried for a minute and then remember that my fridge is chock a block with fresh fruit and vegetables.   The majority of the pantry staples that I buy haven't changed so I shouldn't be adding more nasty chemicals in there.  So if anything I'm eating cleaner, leaner and more chemical free than ever and it is paying off.

I've cut out everything with aspartame.  No "diet" drinks or food for me.  I'm feeling full between meals and I don't snack most days.  I've re-discovered what it actually feels like to be hungry.  Now that might sound strange to some and to me it would have about 4 weeks ago.  I can tell if I'm actually only wanting to eat out of boredom or habit.  I'm not perfect, and I have slipped up.  For example I recently decided to "clean" the knife after making the girls Nutella sandwich.  The instant gratification was good, I won't lie, and the thought of picking up the teaspoon and digging in was there, but I didn't.  I wasn't hungry, I didn't need it and I did put it away.  Go back just over a month and there would have been a different story unfolding.

Thinking back over the last few weeks and I've got some favourites emerging from the menu.  In no particular order they are:

  • Smoked salmon with ricotta on toast
  • Pannacotta with strawberries
  • All of the different pizzas (yes pizza)
  • Breakfast burrito (even DH loved these)
  • Not so naughty Nachos
  • Caramelised pork
  • Roast Chicken
Panna cotta with Strawberries (Care of 12 Week Body Transformation)
 Next week I'm looking forward to trying Mish's lasange and spag bol.  I adore pasta, and its probably one of the reasons I got to where I was, so I'm really looking forward to these too meals.  So if this is what is considered "diet" food than BRING IT ON!


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