Red Flag Days

Saturday, June 25, 2011

This week is yet to end and the red flags are waving. 

Thursday was my DH's birthday.  Not being content with having a nice dinner out or at his parent's place he decided that he was going to have a "kids" party.  You've got to give him a lot of credit really, as it meant that the girls got to catch up with their cousins and he finished installing some playground equipment at work.  The kids had a blast playing with that and having a game of mini-soccer complete with goals.

But what kids birthday party doesn't come without party food?  Definitely not this one!  DD1 was put in charge of selecting the party fare.  What 3.5 year old wouldn't have a blast doing that!  So as you could imagine there were lollies, chocolate biscuits, mini cupcakes and sausage rolls.  Then top that off with the icecream cake.

For the adults we had a small BBQ once the kids had completed ingesting copious amounts of sugar.  Looking at what I would have eaten at such an event compared to what I did was quite amazing.  I did have a couple of lollies and one mini sausage roll prior to my tiny steak and salad for dinner.  But I didn't go back for my sweets and I didn't have the cake.  I also stay clear of the soft drinks and wine - well someone had to drive home too so that helped.

It is also a custom for a cake to be shared on a birthday at our work.  This occurred earlier in the day and I did have a small slice.  I was pleasantly surprised that the cake on offer was a sponge cake that wasn't loaded with heaps of cream and jam.  It was only a small cake and 1/8 of it would have been well under 200 calories so that became my snack for the day.

On returning home and battling to get the 2 sugar charge devils to sleep I went through everything that I had eaten for the day and was impressed that I can have my cake and eat it too and stay under my calorie intake without sacrificing any off my meals.  Next time I'll just plan things a little better instead of winging it.

I'll get to try out my planning skills tomorrow as DH's birthday celebration continues.  In the morning we're off on the boat for a birthday lunch for DH and I believe we're headed for Couran Point.  No problems with food over there as they have a pretty good salad selection.  In the evening we're off to my parent's place for DH's birthday dinner - are you starting to lose track of the number of celebrations for him yet?.  I know my mum is cooking a pasta dish for the girls and will serve it with salad so I have to try and keep the pasta serving small.  I will have a small bit of desert but as I'm using this meal as my treat for the week.

On a different note that DOESN'T revolve around my DH's birthday this week I was slightly disappointed with my loss.  On my calorie deficit the scales should have moved around 1kg but had only dropped 500g.  Realistically it wasn't that bad considering I've been battling a head cold along with TTOTM.  As it was pointed out to me by one of my fellow 12WBT family its 500g closer to my goal.

I also need to get myself prepared for the inevitable plateau.  I know it will happen but I just need to arm myself with some strategies to combat the self sabotaging behaviour that I've encountered before when it happens.


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