Not Going to Plan

Monday, June 13, 2011

Obviously on our journey to achieve our goals it's not always going to be smooth sailing.  We can try and even out the bumps and stay high and dry the majority of time by forward planning but as Sunday proves things don't always follow that plan.

Our family quite often have a meal with a couple that my DH has known since he was a boy.  They have no grand children of their own and our girls have become almost like their adoptive grand children.  Both M and J dote on them.  The girls can get away with anything they want to at their beautifully clean house much to my horror.  They get loaded up with all the sweet treats, biscuits, cakes etc that their tiny little tummies can handle - and that's before we even sit down to dinner.

M and J are Portuguese and when they were growing up they both lost siblings to starvation.  I can remember J telling me about living on a piece of stale bread and water for days on end. Its something that most people would never be able to understand.   Now to show how far they have come and also because they are being gracious hosts whenever you go to visit them, be it for a coffee or a full meal you can not leave without feeling so sick from over eating. 

J recently discovered, through a conversation with DH, that DH likes Chinese food and that the girls (especially DD1) are particularly fond of dim sims.  The next time we went for a meal the table has hardly any room left and is filled with dim-sims, 5 different main dishes, a large fried rice and a large steamed rice.  Then out of the oven comes fresh bread rolls.  Before you look your plate is being loaded up again and you almost feel guilted into eating more even though that's the last thing on J and M's mine.  Just as you think its all over and done with out come a huge creme brule each, chocolate cake and jam doughnuts.  Even before starting the 12wbt I was always worried about feeling ill after leaving a meal at their place.

On Friday J calls up DH and suggests we catch up for a meal on the long weekend.  Being a little proactive DH suggests that we meet at a local cafe for breakfast.  You should see the smile on my face when he tells me!  I'm over the moon as I can control exactly what I'm going to eat - yahoo.

We arrive Sunday morning and start out with some coffee (skinny for me with no sugar of course).  Even the girls get in on the action.

I get through breakfast without a second thought with a poached egg, mushrooms, spinach and an un-buttered piece of toast.  The girls are happy devouring a pancake each even though they've already devoured 2 weetbix's each before we left home.  I'm thinking I'm home and housed and all that's left to do is dash into the shops and grab a couple of poncho's as we're off to the football and it looks like rain.

I leave the girls with DH, M & J and say that I'll catch them at the playground.  Bad move.  DH let his guard down and before he could say a word DD1 had led M into Baskin-Robbins.  They emerge with 2 adult sized icecreams with the cone dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.  Thankfully M had asked for only one scoop of icecream in each.

With the amount of chocolate and the mess they were both making DH started to attack DD1 icecream to try and alleviate the mess while I worked on DD2's.  A few accidental drops of the chocolate and then DD2 actually dropping the icecream, which of course ended in tears, put an end to the mess.  I don't think that I consumed more that 150 calories but it was not something I needed or wanted to eat at 10:30 in the morning.

Oh well its just another bump in my journey.


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