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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Its almost two weeks ago that our weekly mindset lesson was about "Taming Your Inner Labrador".  Anyone that has anything to do with labs would know all about those beautiful sad eyes looking up at you saying "Feed me, I'm hungry".  But when in comes to a lab you'll find that they have probably already eatten and aren't really in need of food.

While we don't have a lab in our house we do have a German Shepard cross Kelpie called Jessy.  Up until about 18 months ago Jessy could really care less about food, she would usually gently accept whatever she'd been handed and go and hide it in the back yard and her dry food could go un-touched all day.  That was until we had to put her on steroids due to her allergies.  Now if you're looking for her, she's generally right behind you looking for every crumb of food she can get.  If the girls drop food, including vegies, she'll be in there hoovering it up.  We've lost 3/4 of a roast off the kitchen bench that was to be used for left overs, my DH's dinner has been licked off his plate on the same bench (without knocking the plate to the floor too) if I've forgotten to push it to the back of the counter and so on.

So from this I know all too well what Mish was getting at on the topic but I found this week that I was the one that turned into the Labrador.   It was my own fault as I'd been avoiding all sugary processed things and for some reason I decided that one marshmallow wouldn't hurt (didn't realise they were 20 calories each at the time!) as I was getting the girls baby chinos made.  Next thing you know 5 and then 10 of them had disappeared.  They were sickly sweet but once I'd had the hit I wanted more. 

I put the marshmallows out of sight and still I wanted something else to eat.  I can't believe the affect that one hit of almost pure sugar could have.  I just wanted to keep eating.  To avoid eating even more I decided to take the girls out of the house for a walk.  The whole way all I could think of was food.  I wanted more sugar the "Sweet Poison" had invaded me after all my effort.

It took me almost all of the next day to get past the cravings for more sugar.  It would have been so easy to have reverted back to my old habits but I've come so far in such a short time frame.  As of today I've lost 6.7kg from the 1st of May and I've got 4.3kg left to make it to my 12wbt goal weight.  There's no stopping me, I will smash my goal and keep going.  I don't need the sugar or the effect it has on me.


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