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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I've been a little slack since my last post and I can't believe that over two weeks has flown by.  Don't worry I'm still training like a women possessed.  If anything my training has gone up a notch since the finale.

I made the decision to give Advanced Lean and Fit a good crack on my second round of 12WBT.  Pre-season is almost over and I'm doing well with last season's exercise plan.  I've made the swap from circuit and pump classes for my strength session to the weights floor.  At first it was a little bit daunting but now I'm just one of the regulars.

I'm a little surprised at how much I'm enjoying the free weights. I guess it gives me a sense of accomplishment that there is no machine helping me out at all.  Another bonus about the weights floor is that I'm not as limited on my squat weight anymore.  In the classes I couldn't squat more than 20kg unless the instructor was able to help me as I couldn't lift anymore weight above my head. Now I can load up the olympic bar, position my shoulders under it and lift - so much easier.

I've just found my current limit for leg presses.  At 90kg I can start to feel the muscle weakness from my old water skiing injury. I'd actually forgotten that I even had any weakness there at all as running hadn't seemed to bother it.  Over the last few weeks all of my weights have been slowly increasing but I'll admit that I've got weak arms and my back muscles aren't much chop either.  Reverse pull ups look easier but I can't lift myself anywhere near the bar, and don't even ask about chin ups! Even with the assist machine I've got a lot of work to do.

My focus is going to shift a little this round.  I am still aiming to lose some more weight but I'm just going to see how I feel once I get to 63kg before deciding on what I'm going to do. This shift away from a weight loss goal as had me a little lost on what to do for my goals this round. I've decided to go for more fitness related goals this time.

So here's my goals for this round:

  • 18 full push ups
  • Do 2 ascents of Mt Gravatt.

3 months:
  • 50 full push ups
  • Run 5km in 30 minutes of less
I've also signed myself up to do my first triathlon. Its not a big one.  300m swim, 9km ride and 3km run.  The swim and the run don't worry me at all, its the bike that will be the challenge on my old rusty mountain bike.

My other event for the 12 weeks is the Mousdash.  This event is going to be one hell of a challenge while raising money for charity.  I'm still thinking I'm a little nuts for doing this as I really don't like hills and they don't get much bigger around Brisbane that Mt Cooth-tha. Mind you in a couple of weeks I'll be going up and down Mt Gravatt a couple of times and that little number has an average grade of 10% on the walking tracks.


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