It's confession time.

Friday, September 9, 2011

It’s time to come clean. My weight loss has come to a grinding halt in the last couple of weeks and I have no one to blame but myself.   The last couple of weeks has seen me eating out a little more than usual with a couple of celebrations and dinners with friends and family and even though my choices in general have been clean my portion control hasn’t been that good.  I’ve also indulged in a couple too many pieces of birthday cake.

At the time I knew I should have said no but I didn’t.  I kidded myself that I’d only have a small portion of the slice dished up to me and next thing you know it’s all gone.  By the time I’d get home I’d feel sick from the over indulgence and swear that I’d behave better next time.  Next time came and I did it AGAIN.  Then the vicious cycle the next day starts. Sugar cravings taught me. Thankfully I don’t keep any crap in the house that is tempting to me otherwise I would have eaten it.   
A week after the end of round 2 I decided that I was going to see how much I’ve actually retained on the nutrition side.  As part of this I decided to follow my own meal plans and not Mish’s. For some strange reason I also decided that I WASN’T going to record everything. This was what I believe to be my biggest undoing.  In general I believe I had a fair idea of the calorie content of what I was eating but because I wasn’t writing it down I’d forget I’d eaten something or I’d estimate something’s weight. All of these little bits obviously added up.

I have still been training and I still love it.  I’m loving seeing my running times get faster.  My BP’s on different routes I haven’t run for a while are crumbling all over the place. I’m really enjoying the swap I’ve made to the free weights area of the gym.   I’m guessing there is a slight possibility that this may have helped me build little bit of muscle over the last month as well.  Even though the scales aren’t really moving I’ve lost another 3cm of my bust and 1cm off my waist.

OK confession over. I’m ready and can’t wait to get started on the next 12 weeks. I can only gain as much from it that I’m willing to put in.


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