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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As part of Kath's unofficical 12WBT blogging Challenge she's asked two questions for week 2 post:

  • What is (to you) a picture of health? 
  • What is health?
 There's not a straight forward answer for this one. Being healthy and fit comes in all different shapes and sizes. Just because someone has a BMI of 20 doesn't mean that they are fit and healthy. They might be what I've come to refer as "skinny fat", or having a low lean muscle percentage and eat crap all the time. Sure they might look fairly good but unless they're one of the lucky few it will catch up with them.

I had a search of the net for the pictures below. I saw these, and some others a couple of years ago and I find that they are a fantastic visual representation of health, body image and our differences.  All the women in the pictures below are/were olympic athletes. Their heights, weights and build all vary and as they are at the top of their field you can only assume they are in top physical condition and health.

Source: amazingasset.com via

So what is health to me? To narrow it down for me it is my body and my mind being in sync.  It is me being free to do whatever I want to do, to not be restricted by weight, emotional or physical baggage.  Yes it is possible to tick all the boxes in relation to your PHYSCIAL health and fitness but if you aren't able to do the same emotionally and mentally then something is out of balance.

You don't have to have the resting heart rate of an Olympic long distance runner, the body fat percentage of a gymnast or the strength of a weightlifter to be healthy. Being healthy aids in your body being able to repair itself and to handle the stresses that we throw at it everyday.  Being a picture of health helps you stay in a happy place and lets you be free.


Liz N September 30, 2011 at 1:47 PM  

Love those photos Kim and would love to send them to Lorna Jane - I love to see the diversity in our bodies and what it really means to be fit (and it isn't always about looks either!)

Have a great weekend!

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