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Friday, September 9, 2011

The count down is on and I couldn't think of a better way to help kick off Round 3 of 12WBT.  Sunday starts the ball rolling with the Bridge to Brisbane. My goal is to run a sub 67min, or around 9km/hr.  My training has me on track to do this, with one slight exception - that bloody big bridge at the beginning. 5.27% for 800m has me a little concerned.  To start with it was only the "upside" of the bridge that had me worried but after talking to a few previous B2B runners I should be equally concerned about going down too. Apparently there is usually quite a few trips and falls from runners losing control on the downwards slope and taking others out with them.

My training diary is filled out and planned for the week ahead.  I'm yet to work out which hill I want to tackle as part of my 20 minute hill run intervals. My dilemma is that the hill with the better incline just isn't going to cut it on the length side of things whereas the longer hill's incline may not be hard enough. I guess it just means I have to run up the longer hill faster!

I've finished my shop and will be picking it all up after my weights session on Monday morning.  Mish your menu look DIVINE this week. I'm already hanging out for the lasagna and I'll be putting extra in the freezer for my post Friday night workouts. 
Thanks to a FB shout out by Shrinking Kath the end half of kick off week will also be a blast. I'm off to Stand Your Ground 2 Workshop.  I attended SYGW during round 2 this year and the clarity and insight that it gave me shocked me (and still does). My post on that workshop gives you a little bit of understanding of how I started to process it.

As part of my excitement from booking the course I started trolling Emma's Facebook page and came across her notes page on the topic of "The Brain V's the Mind".   So much came flying back at me from that 3 hours almost 2 months ago.

The bit that resonated so forcefully with me tonight was:
"GET OUT OF YOUR HEADS (the bit that already knows how to stand at the cupboard and fridge wondering what can I eat? when I’m not hungry) and get into your mind. Learn the difference. Empower yourself with knowledge so you are not trapped in a jail of just will power."
My bet is that everyone at some point has stood in front of the fridge or cupboard looking for something to eat out of habit, boredom, frustration or some other emotion and in the majority of cases grabbed something that their body didn't need. The trick is being able to identify it, listen to your body and determine if eating whatever it is in front of you is going to serve you. 


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